Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day of the Ninja

The wind howls violently, and the air is filled with thousands of cherry blossom leaves, slowly drifting downward. Nestled in the Utagawa Mountains, a fortified temple stands watch over the world. Standing sentry atop the long stairway, a man in black robes peers to the distance. Another man approaches from behind and kneels.
"Master, I received your summons and arrived as soon as I could."
"You have done well, these past years at my side, 5." spoke the old man, "Such loyalty, and strength."
"I live to serve, master."
"And now it is time for your service to take you far away from this temple."
"I will be leaving this place soon, and I do not want you to spend your life wasting away within these walls."
"But master, you can't mean..."
"It is quite alright, 5." smiled the old master, now helping 5 to his feet, "I have lived a most fulfilling life. I have no remorse, no regrets."
Tears began to well in 5's eyes.
"Now, now, all is well, my child. I will always be with you."
The old master inhaled deeply and slowly began to walk away.
"But master, where will I go? What am I to do?"
"Follow your heart, my son, and all answers will be revealed." As if carried by the cherry blossoms, the old master disappeared into the night sky, leaving his humble student alone atop the steps.
For some time, 5 remained at the temple, wandering its vacant corridors. Staring at the zen garden where Master taught him his first lesson, his mind dwelt on his master's last request.
Eventually, 5 left the temple. Looking back one last time, he remembered all the years he'd spent there. It was his home, and Master was like a father to him. And now, what was there. Just emptiness.
Walking down the long stairway, he put the past behind him. He would probably never see it again. Finally reaching the bottom, he found himself in a city. People walked past without taking notice. Everyone was in a bustle, trying to buy and sell all manner of products. Many of them of low quality.
"Is there a way for someone to tell them of their futility?" 5 thought to himself.
"Man, don't buy that!" shouted a strange man in a tight skullcap, "It sucks, you should try this instead."
5 took notice of this man. Once he'd finished his verbal assault of the random pedestrian, 5 approached the man.
"Greetings," said 5, struggling to find a name for the man, "Beanie."
"Beanie?" replied the man, "heh, I like that. What can I help you with, Random Ninja?"
5 smiled at this moniker, "How would you like to help me? I think these people really need to hear what's good and bad about the things they buy."
"They need someone to tell them what they need to know. I know just how to do it."
"The internet!"
Together, Random Ninja and Beanie started a blog site and produced videos telling their viewers the good, the bad, and the ugly about popular media.
That day would come to be known as the Day of the Ninja.


December 5th is the National Day of the Ninja. So here's a video depicting the everyday life of a ninja.

note. is being touchy again and I was forced to upload a lesser res version. for a better one check out my youtube channel

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