Sunday, October 4, 2009

Attack On "Mexican" food

I'm sure just about everyone has been to at least one Mexican restaurant in their lives. Or at least has been to a fast-food Mexican restaurant(i.e. Taco Bell, Taco Casa, and any other variety of Taco Huts) I LOVE Mexican Food. But the thing is; the food you get a 90% of these restaurants isn't really mexican food. Mexicans don't only eat tacos, burritos, etc. Mexican food is very flavorful and spicy, but still unique.
Last night I ate at a "Mexican" restaurant. The atmosphere was warm and the air smelled of the delicious aromas I'd expect from that kind of establishment. I got my first notion that this wasn't really a mexican restaurant when I sat down. The waiter was Caucasian. Not that I'm against diversity, but anyway. The chips were covered in the powdered "taco seasoning" that you can buy at grocery stores such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, etc. Ok, I'll accept that. Sometimes, you want to liven up the chips by themselves without the aid of salsa. Then I tried the salsa. It was chock full of the powdered "taco seasoning" as well. Oh, it was awful. Not the worst salsa I've ever eaten, but close. Salsa does not need taco seasoning in it. Where do they get off, putting that crap in salsa. Ok salsa needs very few ingredients to be awesome: tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, and cilantro. That's it. do you see "taco seasoning" in there? No you don't. DOn't Put "taco seasoning" in salsa.
You may be wondering why I've put "taco seasoning" in quotes. that's because REAL Tacos don't taste like that. I friggn hate that powdered crap that stores call taco seasoning. Real Mexican food is naturally flavored. True some have a similar taste to "taco seasoning" but that's because of the chili powder. Not all tacos have chili powder. Besides, the real Mexican food is way better anyway. Carne Asada is amazingly good. Its basically thinly sliced steak which is seared with onions. Its simple its delicioso. And it doesn't contain "seasoning"
I ordered a taco plate(cause its a "mexican" restaurant and not a Mexican restaurant) and the meat was so full of that powdered crap I could barely choke it down. The real shame of it all is that your average joe(or jane) will eat this and think, "oh that's what all mexican food should taste like"
I grew up near a Mexican family, and I visited their home for dinner a few times. and the food they prepared could dance circles around the SPAM* served at these "mexican" places.

*Stuff Posing as Mexican

In conclusion, its ok to like mexican food, just remember which is more authentic. (and just having authentic in the title doesn't make it so.)

The sweet tea at this place was kick-ass though.

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