Friday, October 16, 2009

Not Really an Attack... again

Hi all. Random Ninja here again with an all too familiar tale.

Remember a few months ago when I told you the tale of my lost filling and the quest for a DDS? Well, just recently I lost another filling... the SAME filling to be exact! THE SAME FILLING! How is that possible, it has only been a few months and the replacement filling crapped out. I mean what kind of shoddy work was that. I wasn't even eating anything hard or corrosive. It popped out while eating a piece of boneless chicken. BONE-LESS. You know, the soft savoury kind. I was just eating it, la-de-da, minding my own business when, pop, it comes out. Well that sent me into a fit of rage I've not been in for some time.

With the shoddy work from the previous DDS (which shall remain nameless) I opted to instead use my regular dentist back home. Unfortunately I would have to wait a few weeks before I could be "worked" in.

Two Weeks of avoiding getting food and crud in the GAPING HOLE in my tooth. That was fun. But I somehow made it with no problems and was able to see the dentist who promptly stuck that fabulous needle filled with novocaine into my inner cheek. Then he decided to ask me about my career plans and how my life was going. Why is it that dentists decide that it's time for a chat right after they stick you with the numb.

While I was numb, the dentist did what the other one should have done. Re-drill the hole and then refill it. I thought I was done, but it turned out that I had two more cavities that needed tending to. However, they had to be done the next day. Why couldn't they be done right then and there. I mean don't they already have the tools and equipment out? It would've taken another five-ten minutes. Anywhay, I had to go back the next day and get those done.

They were on different sides my mouth, so I got double doses of novocaine. AWESOME!

My face was numb ALL day. So far, the fillings are doing well. Be on the lookout for the first video log, coming soon.

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