Sunday, October 4, 2009

Attack on Stupidity #2

Here I am again with another observation into the world of the stupid.

Today I sat and observed a set of doors for a few hours.
To give you a better Idea of where I was. Think of a patio on the back side of a building with about a dozen tables. There are two double doors that lead into the building. Now this building is closed on sunday. EVERY sunday. This building is on a college campus, and we are half-way through the semester so there should be no excuse for not knowing that this building is closed on sunday. Now to be fair, the entire building is not closed, but the main part is.
In the course of lets say two hours, I witnessed no less than 50 people attempt to gain access to the building. Not all at once of course. Usually they were in small groups. And sometimes the groups would approach frequently.

Let me illustrate the scene... It's mid afternoon and a soft rain is falling. A group of girls approaches the double doors. The try the closest door. It doesn't budge. The accompanying door. Nothing. They pause and sigh a profanity. After a moment they try the other set of double doors. Almost immediately another group of people come walking up, chatting amongst themselves. They try the closest door just after the first group fail to open the second set of doors. More profanity ensues.

Ok they were just going to go through the building, but seriously groups would come one right after the other and try the exact same door as the people before them. and be surprised when even though it didn't open for the other groups, it wouldn't open for them.

But there were people utterly shocked that the building was closed on sunday. Even though it was already established that the building is closed on sunday.

Just for kicks, I propped one of the doors open. Would you believe that everyone tried the closer door rather than the one that appeared to be slightly open. They got mad that the door they went to was locked. Some people looked as if they were going to break the door down by pulling it of the hinges or something. I almost laughed a few times.

A get this. the building in question contains a Chik-fil-A. All Chik-fil-As are closed on sunday. How can you go to one and be surprised when its closed on a sunday.

One person even asked me "why the door won't open."
All I could do was shake my head and say was "It's locked"

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