Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Really an Attack

A few days ago one of my fillings broke and came out of my tooth. I was really freaking out, because it happened literally over night. There was no warning to this sudden failure of MY FILLING. I was so preoccupied that I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. "Just go to the dentist," you say. Well, its not that simple. I am not familiar with the city I am currently in and had no idea where the dentist was. Plus I had pressing matters which needed to be taken care of that morning, so I would have to wait until that afternoon to begin my search for the dentist.

Once my pressing matters were complete, I was able to begin my quest. First I tried asking people where the dentist was... can you believe almost no one knew, or at least no one knew about one close by. Attention: you are about to witness a yellow book moment. After about an hour of asking around I found one person who had a phonebook and they kindly flipped through the yellow pages to find a nearby affordable DDS. It turns out there are dozens of dentists in this city, and one was fairly near. It took a while to find them though because there is no straight way to get their from my residence. Plus I turned the wrong way a couple of times and then passed them once. 

Anywhay(I like to spell it this way) after a long and arduous journey I dragged myself across the threshold and submitted my plight to the fair maiden who stood sentry at the pearly gates. (get it? Pearly) I was prohibited from going further, for they were booked solid that day. But the fair maiden took pity on me and scheduled me for an appointment at a later date.

I was overjoyed, but now my quest was greatly expanded and revised. I now had to keep the hole in my tooth clean for three days. A difficult task indeed considering I keep emergency twizzlers by my bed and I love TACOS and Mountain Dew. Plus the hole was on my preferred chewing side, so I had to chew on the other side of my mouth. 

I know what you're saying, "what a wimp, its just a hole in his tooth, its not the end of the world" and I would agree with you; however, I did not know the cause of this plus it happened in the night so I probably swallowed my filling, making me sick for a few days.  Those were the longest three days of my life.

Today I went to my appointment and saw the dentist. This time I had no trouble finding the pearly gate and the fair maiden remembered me. But she still could not let me through the gate until I filled out the proper paperwork. Once I did it was just a matter of time. They led me into a yellow room and sat me on a grayish blue chair. I told the - what do you call them? - dentist nurse(for lack of a better term) about the hole in my tooth, she looked in my mouth then x-rayed me( i always enjoy being x-rayed 'cause you get to wear the bulletproof apron)

anywhay, after I waited an hour for the DDS to show, he came in and looked in my mouth also - poking the hole in my tooth with that steel hook of his. A shot of pain ran through my nerves. After prodding it a few more times, he informed me that there was no decay of the tooth and that the filling just popped out(for no apparent reason) I was relieved. I had thought that a cavity had opened up and went beneath my filling and shattered it causing all kinds of hell. But no, everything was fine except for the hole in my tooth. 

The DDS kindly gave me a replacement filling, which required no drilling; so no novacaine nor NO2. (darn) I was hoping to be loopy for the rest of the day. but it was no trouble in filling in the hole. Of course, I forgot to mention, the missing filling was from my top left wisdom tooth. Oh joy. Tubes, hooks, and fingers were jammed as far into my mouth as they possibly could be. It took about five minutes, but now I have a new filling. Yay. 

So that was my quest to get a new filling I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed getting it. Now I just have to wait for that taste to get out of my mouth, and its back there. My REAL ist attack is coming soon, I'm almost finished reading MGS the novel, and my Attack/Review will be up by the end of the week.

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