Sunday, August 21, 2011

Attack on Multiplayer Shooters

This is an impromptu attack brought on by a recent experience playing an online multiplayer shooter. Online shooters can be really enjoyable; especially if you are having a great time playing with nice people who can take themselves seriously and have fun at the same time. Then you get people who just run around and shoot anything that moves (even if its a teammate) You "meet" all sorts of people playing online games, including the aforementioned. And people's skill levels will vary.
There will be inexperienced Newbies who want to have fun and get better at the game. You will find the moderate players who are pretty skilled, but don't play like a religion. Veterans are highly skilled due to hours and hours of hard work; and Hardcore Vets who eat breath and sleep the game until they have perfected their skill. Each of these usually want to have fun or even play a serious game; however, dotted amongst all of these classes you will find Noobs. Noobs are jerks who don't care about gaming etiquette, other people's enjoyment, or common courtesy. They are often boastful of their supposed prowess, and won't miss an opportunity to let everyone know they are "Tha Man." These are the people that suck the fun out of online gaming. Months ago I quit playing online because of Noobs and now that I am back into it, I'm fining that they still irk me so.
One of the most common offenses Noobs commit is Spawn Camping. In online shooters, multiplayer shooters/ adventure games each player spawns (or comes to life) at specific spots in the map called Spawn Points. Sometimes they can be anywhere on the map, or they can be in specified locations (like a team base or hub.) Camping is when a player holes up in one spot and stays there to pick off the others at their whim. While some frown at just camping at a serious offense, I have to remind you that Snipers work that way.
Spawn Camping is when a player holes up where they have an excellent vantage of a Spawning Point and kills the other players as they appear. The effected player has no time to react, they are dead on arrival. The offending player (or Noob) is only limited by their ammo. This has the effect of ticking off the other players. No one except the Noob will be having any fun.
A slight offshoot of this is when players run through the Spawning Points, killing the appearing players as they pass. This is less offensive, especially if the offending players don't linger.
But why is this such a problem? And believe me it ticks me off something fierce when this happens. To me, the level designers should have taken this into account and made it impossible (or at least very difficult) for the opposing team to reach the other's Spawn Point. This would cut down on Noobery and increase the enjoyment of everyone.
Noobs are no fun, and players like that should not be allow to play.
On the other hand, Newbs (Newbies) should be given a chance to gain experience and increase their skills and not made a mockery of.
Wow, posting this made me feel a bit better...but I'm still ticked (>.<)

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