Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Plans

Hello to all who visit this blog. I am happy that people are interested in my opinions and such. As you all know by now, the Power On series is coming to a close. The final episode will be up as soon as I can finish it, so you'll just have to wait a bit longer to see what will become of our heroes. I have also been working on how the site will continue afterward. As you can tell by some of the recent video posts, I am planning to continue the video series; however, it will not be Power On as you know it. In fact I'm not sure it will have a definite title as such. But it will be the video portion of the blog where I (along with Francis at times and maybe some special guests occasionally) will review/ give our opinions on games, tv, movies, etc. A sort of "Back To Form" as it were.
But you can rest assured that it will not be dull or drab. In fact, I am currently writing scripts that will give a new format to the show. I will keep this new format in the dark for another week or so, but it will be awesomesauce. It will be something that people of my generation will find nostalgic and funny, and I hope that younger viewers will enjoy it just as much. I'm working hard on the particulars, and dealing with serious technical difficulties that overshadow the ones that have prevented episodes in the past. Sometimes it seems that my computer is giving up the ghost, but I manage to revive it. It will probably have to go into the shop for repairs and if that's the case, there will be a brief time where there is no Attack.
But once the computer is repaired (hopefully) I will finally catch up to all the videos I've been meaning to do this whole year. Wish me luck, loyal internet audience.
Nothing can stop a Random Ninja Attack.

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