Monday, October 18, 2010

Jackass 3D

Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D cameras and high speed slow-motion, Jackass is considerably the best 3D movie of all time, if no THE best movie of all time. Unlike other 3D movies which use the technology as a gimmick to have things appear to fly out at the audience "whoa, that hand looks like it's coming out at me!" Jackass does not. In Jackass, there is more play with perspective and depth of field. Making object appear either closer or further away than they actually are. That is how 3D should be treated.
Have you ever wanted to see someone getting slapped in the face with a mackerel in super slo-mo? I have. Have you ever wanted to see someone get knocked over by a giant hand? I have. While much of the movie is filled with childish stunts and immature gags, there is a deeper meaning. Spreading a message of good natured feelings, there is no hate, nor malice anywhere to be found in this movie. It is filled with a childlike innocence and brotherly love. The Jackasses are retaining that innocence of childhood, playing as we all did as children. It is the paramount of escapism that we as a society desperately need. Harmless fun.
There is no conflict, no great task to undertake, no damsel to rescue, only laughs to be shared and fun to be had. They bring us back to a simpler time, when we were children. Playing and laughing together as we pushed our friend down a hill into a questionable nasty pond or frolicked naked through a field. I did these things, and you did too. It is the embodiment of the never grow old mentality. Not in the sense that you should never mature and live your life. We've seen these guys when they're not goofing around, leading normal lives, many of them are very successful in their careers outside of Jackass. No, what I mean, is that you should retain your childhood innocence in some way, whether it be goofing around with your buddies or just doing something nostalgic and meaningful to yourself. That is what Jackass is really about, Memories of a better time. I highly recommend this movie. And don't give me that crap about imitatible acts. When I was a kid I did much of the very same stuff, and that was long before jackass was around. I will not lie, there is a lot of peni in this movie, and you should take caution if you're uncomfortable around that, but lets be honest. By this time in your life your bound to have already seen at least one.
Go see this movie!

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