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This is an impromptu attack because I'm bored waiting for a video to load on another site (the spoony experiment){go check it out, hilarious}
Where was I, oh yes. I've been on vacation the last few weeks and apart from hitting the beach I played some of the newer videogame titles that have hit the shelves in the last month. I've only just gotten to them and have been busy with other things so I've only gotten ahold of 4 games. Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Iron Man 2, and Mod Nation Racers.

MNR has been out for a little while but I finally got my hands on it. I haven't beaten yet, but I would like to give a brief rundown on it. For those who don't know. MNR was made by the same team that brought you Little Big Planet. But this is not a mischief filled platformer, it is a racing game. To be more precise, It is a cart (or kart) racing game. Akin to Mario Kart and the like. Which means that not only are you racing on wacky courses with jumps, rings of fire, water hazards, and other nasty squish-you obstacles, but there are weapons and items that you can use on your opponents. These range from hyperboosters, to missiles. Yet there's a limited number of weapons. All in all there are 4(not including the powered up versions) boosters, rockets, lightning, and shock waves. The lower level of these are ok for close combat but the power ups are what you need for long distance destruction. If you're falling behind on the polls, try collecting an item and see what happens. Unfortunately there's no difference in appearance for the items on the track. They all look like purple spheres, But they are necessary in some races. So far the races have had 12 positions. That means that there are 11 other drivers collecting weapons and aiming them at you. Lap 3 usually becomes a frenzy of rockets and shock waves with someone trying to boost through the carnage. Many times I've lost at the finish line because of a salvo launched behind me, but that's also the fun of the game. You never know whether you're going to win are explode at the home stretch.
Along with the fast-paced, trigger-happy tracks, MNR offers a creation system (much like LBP) where you can customize your Mod(character) your Kart, and even custom make your own courses using the exact same engine that the designers used. Hours will be spent tweaking every little detail, or you can just make the track itself and have the game auto populate it. It basically picks the obstacles, and decoration placement at random. Try it out for a spin. You just may enjoy it.
MNR has both online and offline multi-player so you can have fun blowing your friends up and stealing the gold medal(or whatever you get for winning) All in all it is an enjoyable and addicting game.

RDD is a western for the ages. The most expansive and engrossing western game ever. Made by the studio that brought you Grand Theft Auto, you are place in the rough years of the early 20th century, where industry was taking over, and there was less and less need for pioneers and cowboys. You play as John Marsten - a former outlaw who is contracted by the government to take down his former posse. The land is so enormous that you can easily get lost. But not only that, it is beautifully designed. From the variety of landscape and sky effects you can spend hours just gazing into the distance. From dry desert, to the plains, to a snow covered forest, you will have lots to see. But don't get lost in thought, because you never know when a grizzly or a bandito will attack you. The random encounters give a whole new level of gameplay that not many other games offer. The music sounds like its straight from a spaghetti western and really transports you into that world. The dead eye system (which slows down time and allows you to take more accurate shots) works with all weapons and not just the revolver. There's also more variety of weapons than in other western games as well. However the weapon menu does not pause the game, so make sure you're out of the line of fire when you change weapons or you could find yourself laying face up.
Not all random encounters are dangerous, some are just people who want a ride into town or even to reward you for your good deeds. There is an honor system (that is similar to the fame system in infamous) however it does not change the outcome of the game nor the missions, so there's no real incentive to be good. There is a wanted system, much like in GTA4, and the combat is similar as well. And of course like most Rockstar games, you can keep playing after you've beaten it, and with the random encounters, saloons, and even bounty missions there's enough to peak your interest for a long time to come.
But the game is not without faults. Among the top are: cannot swim, duel mode sucks, authorities come way too fast once you've done something wrong(by accident) seriously I walked into a town and everybody and their grama was shooting at me. So I shot back and Bam, I'm the one who get chased by the sherif. By I digress. The dueling system is flawed. You are encouraged to win non-lethally by way of shooting their gun from their hand or their hat off their head; however, there are some duels where that is impossible. I tried several times to win non-lethally, and every time I died. So I had to just pump them fill of lead. I could go on but I've got a few more games to discuss in this attack.

Before I get to the best game I played recently, lets discuss the worst. Iron Man 2.
Now don't get me wrong, I love Iron Man. I love the movie I love Iron man 2 the movie, but I am greatly disappointed in the game. Before I discuss the bad, I will talk about the good.
The game does not follow the movie (yes I find this a good thing) it is an adventure that takes place sometime after the events fo the movie, So You may need some knowledge of the movie (but not much) A few characters from the movie appear in the game, but most of the characters are either new or movie-like versions of comic characters. That's one of the things I love about the game, they take classic icons from the comics and use the designs from the movies to make them fit in that universe. The voices are done by the actors from the movies, so they have the same mannerisms. And you can play as either Iron Man or War Machine. SHIELD Helicarrier!
Now for the bad: I'm going to come out and say this. The designers put no effort into this game. The controls are all over the place. It takes too many buttons to do things and even then, the directional controls with the camera and flight controls are awful. It is difficult to lock on target. While you can press a button and lock, it doesn't always lock on the nearest target, nor does it lock onto targets directly behind. The game seems short, compared to other super hero games. One of my biggest problems is that it is not free-roam. In my opinion super hero games should be free-roam, where you as the hero scour the city and answer the call for help. But no. this is a straight up mission-by-mission game. Now for the biggest problem. The graphics SUCK. Where were the designers. Not at work obviously. I mean this game is not PS3 quality. First gen PS2 maybe.
For years the rift between PS3 and PS2 versions of games has been wide, but this is ridiculous. I'm glad I just rented this game and didn't buy it. I would be totally miffed if I paid $60+ for this piece of trash.
Ok. now don't you all get mad. I do kind of enjoy playing this game. I mean, I'm flying around, cracking skulls as Iron Man or War Machine. Now that's at least something. But they should have left this game in the oven a bit longer.
Now make it free roam, include things from this game like the hellicarrier - make it a fully explorable environment. Fly around and save people from things and bad guys and stuff.

Now I will talk some about the best game I've played recently. MGSPW.
I plan on doing a more extensive review, but heres a short version.
Aside from having the usual problems with PSP games (the control limitations ) Kojima Productions has outdone themselves once again. Pushing the technology to the limits and beyond. This is the most extensive PSP game ever made. Now before you say "that's not that impressive" keep this in mind. A UMD disc is a 1/4 the size of a normal one and no where near has the data storage of a modern bluray disc, yet PW has more content than MGS4. Can you believe that.
While the story is on the short side(compared to the other games) it is engrossing and filled with intrigue. You play as Big Boss in a MGS3 sequel. BB has been busy recruiting a mercenary army when he is contacted by Galvez who wants him to pursue a mysterious military that has invaded their country. On his mission, BB uncovers the new Metal Gear code named Peace Walker.
I'm not going to get too in depth with this, but the game continues after the story mode. There are dozens of side missions and missions where you send troops into battle. With an ever growing tech tree, you can play to your strengths and use the right tool for the right job. If you're a MGS fan, you definitely want to play this. It IS an official game in the series, directed by famed series creator Hideo Kojima. There's soo much in this game, that I could just go on and on, but I'll save that for another time. Needless to say, It was a very enjoyable escape that I have been hard-pressed to put down. Hours of stealth action await gamers who get their sneaky mits on Peace Walker. I strongly advise getting this game, not just for MGS fans but any gamer. It is an experience like no other. So Snake in, play with a friend. Oh, I forgot, the entire game is co-op-able. Is that a word. It is now "co-op-able" copy write Random Ninja Attack (june 26, 2010) You can play every mission in the game in co-op, that is amazing and a first for MGS. I hope it is a light of things to come from the awesome team at Kojima Productions.

Well that's what I've been up to (apart form looking for a job, and dealing with family matters) but expect a few more things to come in the next week, until then, be careful when you walk down that dark path because you never know when you may walk into... a RANDOM NINJA ATTACK!!!

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