Thursday, March 25, 2010

Attack on Stupidity #3

Here it is the long awaited Attack on Stupidity #3.
Yet another episode where I describe the completely stupid acts of people.
This one will be a bit different as it pertains to one specific person and not a group.

For those who don't know, I work on photography. As in film. I photograph and develop my own film. Film is a complex mistress. For those of you who don't know how film works here is a shortened version. Fim is light sensitive. The camera lens via a shutter allows light to expose the film which created the image. In order to ensure the image is developed, the film must not be further exposed to light until the development process is finished. This means that you will be in almost total darkness during the process. During development you will be under the safe lights which are red and doesn't effect the film, once it is in the tank. However, before that, the film must be removed from the canister it comes in and put on a spool which will be place inside the tank which the chemicals will be pour into. This process MUST be done in total darkness. Not even the red lights can be on. Once the development process is complete, which takes around 30 minutes, only then can the lights be turned on.
You must understand that the development is more complicated than that, but that is the brief rundown.

I was in the process of spooling my film. I was developing 3 rolls. Two 35mm rolls and one 120mm. I had already spooled one of the 35mm rolls and was just beginning to spool the other when the lights came on. Not the red lights. Oh no. The white lights. The person who turned the lights on had just finished developing their film, and did not ask me if they could turn the lights on. This is quite improper to do, as I have stated that film is very light sensitive. What they did could have and quite possibly might have ruined my roll of film.

I continued working on developing my film, after turning the lights off. After developing all 3 rolls I was finally able to see how it went. Many of my images did not develop.

People who work in darkrooms should always observe proper darkroom etiquette.

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