Saturday, December 5, 2009

Power On - SNOW!

Happy Feast Day of Saint Nick to all!
Jolly old Santa has outdone himself this year and delivered a wonderment of winter white. That's right. It has snowed in Mississippi! I've capture the moment on video for all to enjoy, so enjoy!

A veritable blizzard strikes the sleep town of Hattiesburg, MS. A pounding one-and-a-half inches of snow on the ground! Call the National Guard! It rarely snows in Mississippi, and when it does, people go crazy: Snowmanicide, yellow snowcones, drive-by snowings, Snowmaniflia, MADNESS! Throwing all continuity to the wind, BEANiE and KB brave the elements and the possible loss of their limbs to document this momentous occasion. Will they, too, lose their minds? Journey with them as they face the Blizzard of '09.

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